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Register your VW Repair History Quest. General Feedback


When you register your VW on this site, you will be asked for the year and model of your VW, the engine type, transmission type, current miles on odometer, and miles driven in past 12 months.  For your trouble, we will email to you a compilation of this data when it is complete.  This is normally done once a year in the Spring.  Feel free to post your repair history as often as you would like.

Register your VW

This is the first step to providing and receiving valuable repair information about your VW.

Repair History Questionnaire

The second step is to provide specific details of each repair.

General Feedback

At this time, this link is the same as the "Feedback" link on the top menu bar above.  It may be used to provide general feedback.  If a response is needed, use email for feedback.

Register your VW Repair History Quest. General Feedback
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